5 Reasons Our Students May be Rocked by the End of the School Year

Betsy O’Neill-Sheehan

Here’s a quick one because, like our students, we educators are trying to keep up with the hustle at the end of the year. In that hustle there are some big emotions hiding. When they pop up let’s remember:

1. Summer doesn’t mean fun to all of them. The school year means a safe zone, consistent schedule, daily contact with people who care for you and take care of you.

2. Big feelings abound: they are excited, sad, anxious, and quick to anger. Why? Because big feelings beget big feelings. They will swing from good to bad, happy and sad depending on the trigger.

3. The last days are the same, but not the same. The routine is a bit different and some of them have a hard time adjusting.

4. They are tired. The emotions and activities at the end of the year are a lot to keep up with.

5. Change is upon them: they worry about losing what this year has built: connection to teachers, friends, your classroom. They don’t want to let go.

*Please feel free to add your additional thoughts in the comments.

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