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Her Memory Lens

-Betsy O’Neill-Sheehan, LCSW

The picture of the picture…

Sometimes I look at my Facebook and Insta albums after my kids go to sleep. You’d think that I’d had enough and would want to put my focus onto something else, take a break from mothering, but these are some of my quiet happy moments, honoring the progression of our lives together.

Someday when they look at them, they will see their silly faces, that violin concert in December, tackling their father, decorating the tree, proudly holding up their over taped projects (my goodness how much tape they use!), gathering around birthday cakes, and catching sand crabs with flashlights on the beach. All the pics, all the memories, are carefully laid out like a scrapbook of our lives.

When that someday comes, I hope they understand that this is life through my lens. I try to capture all the things I love about them, all the beautiful, poignant moments of love and pride. I try to catch all the ice skating fails, the swimming apprehension, all the steps leading to the triumph of learning the skill. And when those triumphs come, you better be sure I’ll capture it.

It’s a lens of love. When they look back at these pictures and wonder, “Where is Mom in all of these?” I want someone to say, “She was right there, taking the picture. This is you through her eyes.” Every picture. I was there in every picture.


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