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Educator Wellness

The Importance of SELF-Care Betsy O'Neill-Sheehan, LCSWSchool Counselor Throughout my 17 years in education, there have been certain buzzwords that have been hot at different times. Did you notice that we don’t say “rigor” so much anymore? Now it’s “robust.” That’s cool. We should stay on top of current trends. But I cringe when certain... Continue Reading →

Take a Moment to Think about IT

-Betsy O'Neill-Sheehan, MSW - School Counselor Opening school year 2020 is a whole new kind of show whichever path your district is on. Some teachers say they feel like they are in their first year of teaching again, there is so much new to learn. Just like the new educators we once were, we gather... Continue Reading →

Thoughts And Prayers

-Betsy O'Neill-Sheehan, LCSW Liam, at age 8, marking the Church parking lot., because though the doors are closed, our hearts are open. Today I looked into the eyes of a friend who is losing a loved one to COVID_19. It was through the safety and screen of our technology as we Facetimed. I felt a... Continue Reading →

Her Memory Lens

-Betsy O’Neill-Sheehan, LCSW The picture of the picture... Sometimes I look at my Facebook and Insta albums after my kids go to sleep. You’d think that I’d had enough and would want to put my focus onto something else, take a break from mothering, but these are some of my quiet happy moments, honoring the... Continue Reading →

A Recipe for Goodbye:

When Your Child Hesitates to Separate -Betsy O'Neill-Sheehan, MSW Sometimes it's the first day. Sometimes it's two weeks in. Sometimes it's upon the return from a prolonged break. School starts and you wonder in your parental heart, "How will my child react this time?" So you pack the lunch, set the backpack by the door,... Continue Reading →

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